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IMA Fungus volume 7 no 1: 59–73
Michael A. Castellano, Bryn T.M. Dentinger, Olivier Séné, Todd F. Elliott, Camille Truong, and Terry W. Henkel. New species of Elaphomyces (Elaphomycetaceae, Eurotiales, Ascomycota) from tropical rainforests of Cameroon and Guyana.
IMA Fungus volume 7 no 1: 47–58
William A. Dunstan, Kay Howard, Giles E. StJ. Hardy, and Treena I. Burgess An overview of Australia’s Phytophthora species assemblage in natural ecosystems recovered from a survey in Victoria.
IMA Fungus volume 7 no 1: 29–45
Leland Crane and Andrew N. Miller. Studies in genera similar to Torula: Bahusaganda, Bahusandhika,Pseudotorula, and Simmonsiella gen. Nov.
IMA Fungus volume 7 no 1: 9–28
André Luiz Firmino, Carlos Antonio Inácio, Olinto Liparini Pereira, and José Carmine Dianese. Additions to the genera Asterolibertia and Cirsosia (Asterinaceae, Asterinales),with particular reference to species from the Brazilian Cerrado.
IMA Fungus volume 7 no 1: 1–7
Amy Y. Rossman, W. Cavan Allen, and Lisa A. Castlebury. New combinations of plant-associated fungi resulting from the change to one name for fungi.

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