Scope and Aims

Scope: All aspects of pure and applied mycological research and news.

Aims: The flagship journal of the International Mycological Association. IMA Fungus is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access, full colour, fast-track journal. Papers on any aspect of mycology are considered, and published on-line with final pagination after proofs have been corrected; they are then effectively published under the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants. The journal strongly supports good practice policies, and requires voucher specimens or cultures to be deposited in a public collection with an online database, DNA sequences in GenBank, alignments in TreeBASE, and validating information on new scientific names, including typifications, to be lodged in MycoBank. News, meeting reports, personalia, research news, correspondence, book news, and information on forthcoming international meetings are included in each issue.

Ownership: International Mycological Association (IMA).

Editorial arrangements: Editor-in-Chief is appointed for a term of five years, and all Officers and elected members of the IMA Executive Committee will serve as Associate Editors during their terms of service (four years). This will ensure a subject and geographical spread.

Frequency: Hard copy printed twice per year (June and December).

Content: It is envisaged that the journal will have the following sections:

  • Editorial: Usually one per issue.
  • Society News: From the IMA regional groups, affiliated international mycological organizations, and member societies.
  • Mycological Research News: Highlighting exciting and very recent new mycological research reported elsewhere in the scientific literature.
  • Mycological Reflections: Commentaries and opinions.
  • Mycopersonalia: Brief obituaries for well-known international mycological figures, notes on achievements of persons receiving IMA Medals, etc.
  • Review Articles: By invitation, substantial and in-depth on topics of interest to a wide range of mycologists; and one at most per issue.
  • Original Articles: Unsolicited and encouraged, handled by the most pertinent Associate Editor, and, if the subject matter is considered of appropriately wide interest and ground-breaking, always peer-reviewed.
  • Mycological Meetings: Forthcoming international mycological congresses and workshops.
  • New Mycological Publications and Websites:  A mixture of detailed book reviews and briefer notices on works of interest to a broad spectrum of mycologists, also drawing attention to new websites and CD/DVDs.

ISSN 2210-6340 (print)

E-ISSN 2210-6359 (online)